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Andreas Kurz was born in 1988 in Montreal, QC. He mostly creates slightly saturated, artistically and grungy looking photographs.

Andreas first became interested in photography back in 2006 and took two photography career programs from Autumn 2010 to Summer 2011 at which point he took the art style more serious. In Autumn 2011 he finally entered the Professional Photography Program at Dawson College and finished his program in 2014.

Andreas also has a long photographic family history. His paternal grandmother Etel Fodor-Mittag studied photography during the 1920s and 1930s at the famous Bauhaus school near Berlin, Germany. Andreas' great-great grandfather on his mother's side Carl Dittmar worked as the court photographer of Prince Ludwig around the end of the 19th Century.

“I feel that since I started taking photography seriously I see people in a different way as I saw them before. Before I only saw them as people walking by, but now I look at their faces searching for emotion and how they would make a great subject for a photograph.”


― Andreas Kurz



Je m'voyais deja - Charles Aznavour
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